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even though I'm posting things there barry quick doodles 

but the resin why i posting this is cause even though i was dead for a bit on da i may be still art wise because iv become lazy

buy that i have become lazy with making quick sketches and not trying to push myself in detail in anytime or anything 

i havnt lost my drive to draw just disappointed with myself in it. i new at first i wasn't good i know that but i would see parts that have grown that the little victories made me remebr everyone starts some where but on how i was cut off from digital drawing and i had no sketch books for a bit i just doodle little things here and there and even still she i got a sketch book there just full of crap doodles 

so for a bit i may not post things for a bit. i will be vary verbal on here don't get me wrong and i do plan one posting the contest again just giving it a revamp so the biology and sisioty format is more to the point

 and i will write stores and back grounds and post them on here and other accounts 

but for now art wise if i post anything in the cuter it will be a quick sketch that illl just be eh too

but being lazy with art make me fell stuck on one thing

like how when you draw anime for fucking ever and it gets you no where but your in denial about it ( middle school me)

so for now for any series art will take some time till i post any ill will post quick things but again i don't want to do that i want to expand my art horizon 

also I'm working on getting my ged and to get off my lazy butt and start driving and looking for places to move out too so that may take up time too

ask for my accounts i will be active on all of them (i site on this one a lot cus she i open da its usulay sinned in to this one already and I'm to lazy to change it )

but yeh as for  back grounds and stroys arcs and all that they will be written in words and posted as story art like olive and olives story and there parents 

hopefully buy the time i post series art ill be abel to put it in comic form to give it more body but still art takes a shit tone of time to develop i know hat all to well but i want it to develop the right way so yeh just thought i would share this with you idk why just makes me fell better about drawing and all owo

anyways talk to you all whenever and all owo porbly tomaorw or in 5 mints whoever cool with you 



how to piss off olive and oliver:

making them explain alchemy when you don't believe magic is a thing in the first place. 

that and princess bubblegum
So yeh on my last few secons of computer time I have on the nook I just want to say I'm canceling/stoping the contest till further notice.a new jernal for the contest will be up but also for other resins more personal. So yet when I get my computer back illstart it up again. Would have made a jernal but the nook won't let me so yeh. If you were makeing a entry or had one already thats fine. But to enter Them till i come back. Also there will be a few changes to The ruls and such Anyways tata for now!

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uestion for the admin: What Disney movie makes you cry the most? Laugh the most?
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